AtlasTrax Contractor Management Solutions

Solutions Tailored to meet your unique needs for Contractor Management, Equipment Rentals, Billing and Invoicing


Process Efficiency: flexible options to audit, track and report on any required work completion data and improves business controls for optimized value and performance.

Compliance Management: audit-friendly online database with a complete history and robust tracking and reporting capability, addressing compliance management and legislation requirements

Risk Aversion: Configurable for proactive compliance management based on business rules, and other criteria defined for performance and risk tracking, reporting, monitoring and event management. All data can be extracted for additional reporting and analysis.

Automation and Security: provides a series of checks and balances to ensure document integrity and security. Unique and individual device barcodes provides an auditable trail of records for identifying work completion.

Revenue Optimization

Cost Control: automates and streamlines enterprise processes increasing business efficiency and improving internal and third-party collaboration and thereby reducing operating expenses.
Return on Investment: helps you optimize performance, workflow and scheduled planned maintenance. This optimization maximizes your revenue and cost savings enabling fast return on investment (ROI).


Access from Anywhere: the online management database allows on-demand, searchable access to all key operator data by administrators and managers, other internal users/stakeholders and external collaborators anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Reliable Enterprise Search: the searchable online management database with search query and custom search mechanisms such as parent-child contract hierarchy and flexible document grouping allows easy retrieval of maps, documents, and data

Strong User Uptake: the easy-to-use management system interface with flexible configuration options, including individual or enterprise based views and “my list” ensures a tailored business fit and simplified user-level access reducing training time and costs and improving user uptake.

Security Permissions: the online management database solution enables security to be defined based on an access control list.

Metrics and Tracking

Business Insights and Analysis: the online management system’s tracking and reporting software enables on-demand or automated reports, increasing visibility, record-keeping accuracy and provides actionable and extractable business intelligence for improved processes, bottleneck elimination, and assured compliance.

Comprehensive Revision History: provides detailed, accurate records of changes through a web-based portal. This full data history is audit-ready and exportable to Microsoft Excel.

Performance Tracking: the online management solution optimizes performance through event management and compliance and performance monitoring, maximizing revenue and cost savings potential